Date: June 3rd, 2023
Place: Devananchery
Total Number of participants: 45 
Title: Aspire
Date: 23.08.23
Organised by: Students Grievance and Redressal Counselling Govt. Women's College, Kumbakonam.
Date : *October 31,2022*
Event : *Fit India movement*
Organised by : *NSS unit of Govt. Women's college, kumbakonam*.
On account of National integration day, for the welfare of all... *Fit India movement* was launched at Govt. Women's college under the dynamic leadership of the dr. P. S. Vijayalakshmi, principal and the NSS unit -3 Programme officer Dr. R. Gowri,  Assistant professor of Mathematics, Govt. College for Women, Kumbakonam along with Dr. .Vidhyashree Director,  Physical Education, Nss Programme officers Dr.A. Jeyachitra and Dr. M. Kala .

With an oath to serve the nation with fullest of abilities for the well being of each individual has been taken as a pledge as a part of NSS unit, followed by welcome address and the dignitaries introductory speech. 
Special address on health and mind was discussed and demonstrated by Ms. Sridevi, President, Reiki centre of india, Chennai... That would add value to each students in due course of time in their daily life... Through the therapy of reiki and sujok acupressure which would make each one to live life in a holistic manner. 

This topic has covered how a person can channelise the energy from the cosmos to the palms to heal their physical ailment and that aids to emotional well being as well. 
She has essentially brought out the magnificent indian culture associated with the therapy of reiki, followed by tid bits of acupressure points and meditation was taught to the students which can be practiced in their life for their total well the daily life which would essentially make a person fit and calm... To achieve their goals... And to attain flourishment. 

Dr. Vidyashree, chief guest speaker on fitness, demonstrated the necessity of exercise in daily life... 5 essential exercise that can be done at home... Which will bring forth the normal breathing and flexibility in muscles...thereby a person can be rejuvenated at physical fitness and mind.. 
She wonderfully portrayed the necessity to allocate the time for oneself for the exercise with consistency... That would enable the nourishment of the individual. 

As well grow with fresh spirit of physical dynamism, positive approach at mind level we would evolve as a society with much more abundance in health, peace and prosperity... Which is indeed a gift to the nation, as each citizen is valuable and our actions are accountable to the nation for its progress. 

With a note of thanks by Dr. M.Kala, the programme ended with national anthem.

Event : Free Healing / Health Checkup Camp
Date : September 4th 2022
Time : 9AM to 12PM


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Event : Interactove Session with students @ ICAI Institute, Kumbakonam
Date :August 29th 2022

Event : International Women's Day
Organised by : *BNK network*, Kumbakonam
Date : March 3rd 2022

Mrs. Sridevi - President - Reiki Centre of India - Delivering Lecture to ICAI Institute of Kumbakonam - For - Details Click Here


Date: 5.8.19
Time: 11.30 am to 3 pm
Venue: ICAI institute, Kumbakonam
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Date: July 14, 2019
Venue: Rhythm studio , Shivay Apartments, No:5, 4th street, Nandanam Extension, Chennai-35.
Event: General Body Meeting 2019.

Minutes of Meeting - Click Here


Date: 23.6.19
Venue : Chennai Trade centre
Event : Health and Fitness Expo 2019

Date: 22.6.19
Venue: Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai
Event: Health and Fitness Expo 2019






Date: May 4th, 2019
venue: Shivay Apartments, Nandanam

Event: Free Healing Camp

Drugless Therapy Camp

With the guidance, support and inspiration given by our Guru Dr P. S. LALITHA, few of our members of Reiki Centre of India who are located in and around Thiruvanmiyur have formed a small group called Drugless therapy camp group. The main objective of this group is to organise camps in various areas, inorder to create an awareness about Reiki and sujok accupressure and sujok accupuncture among the general public..


Report on Holistic Health for all

Date : 03.04.2019

Venue: Sastra University


20th World Reiki Day
  • Title: Radio talk on reiki ( (Community radio -107.8 FM)
    Date: June 8, 2018.
    Venue: : M.O.P. Vaishnav College, Nungabakkam, Chennai.
    Interview with Reiki Healer Ms. Sri Devi @ 'M.O.P CRS 107.8 FM - click here
  • Title: Annual General Body Meeting
    Date: May 13, 2018.
    Time:10.30 to 2.Noon
    Venue: Pandian Hall. West mambalam. T.Nagar.Chennai.
  • Title : Lecture on health management with Reiki
    Place : Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Kumbakonam branch.
    Topic : interpersonal skills,motivation -  self and others.
    Time :10.30 am to 4.00 pm.
    Date: 24.04.2018.
    In the session :
    1. Motivation. 
    2. Why motivation is needed? 
    3.types of motivation. 
    4. Interaction on "hurdles " / boss n employee relationship.
    5. Change hurdles to blessings. 

    Noon  - lunch

    6. Management 
    - time 
    - waste
    - people 
    - money 
    - health.
    Feedback : reiki and sujok had impressed a lot of the students...they realised the existence of them with universe. And the importance of health in their hands which has a healing capacity.


  • Reiki class schedule 
    Place: Kumbakonam
    Date : 25 April ,26 April., 2018
    Reiki Master : Ms. R. Sridevi
    Contact No : 9840641393

  • Women's day celebration - March 7 ,8 th of 2018
    .Place: Kumbakonam
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