Dr. Mikao Usui
Dr. P.S. Lalitha

About Reiki Centre of India
Reiki Centre of India (Registered) was constituted in the year 2001 for Promotion, Propagation and Advancement of Reiki. Reiki is an ancient spiritual healing system of medicine using cosmic energy. The membership of this centre is limited to the Reiki practitioners.

To advance the scientific study and professional practice of Reiki and to enhance the contribution of Reiki
To encourage its development  by promoting research, laying high standards of professional ethics, competence, conduct, education, qualification and achievement amongst practitioners,
By promoting dissemination of knowledge of Reiki through:
  • Educational courses
  • Refresher courses
  • Meetings and Discussions
  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Reports
  • Papers and Publications
  • Debates
  • Exhibitions
  • Camps
  • Professional contacts
  • Trainings
  • Sharing experiences by writing articles in "HEALING HANDS" (Quarterly magazine)
  • Opening branches by healers

To maintain honour and dignity, uphold and safe guard the interests of Reiki.
To establish faculty, to have an uniform code of conduct for practitioners, registered by the centre.
To improve public health in accordance with principles of Reiki.
To undertake publication relating to Reiki in HEALING HANDS / National, International Journals and Media
To establish, organize finance and maintain Reiki healing centre.
To engage, assist or undertake various social activities such as public health, establishment of libraries and family welfare.
To help the nation to arrive at the goal “HEALTH FOR ALL”.
Free Healing camps, lectures to promote Reiki globally.

At present people are in search of drugless, alternative and complementary therapies without any side effects.  Reiki is one such alternative healing therapy.  This healing technique was established in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Dr. Mikao Usui.  The technique is globally followed for treating several ailments.  Dr. P.S. Lalitha is one of the renowned Reiki grand masters and the founder of The Reiki Centre of India.  She is confident and determined in following the drugless therapy. As a result she has helped many to cure their diseases  through Reiki healing and she has taken a mission to maintain the survival of the system . She has created  1000S of healers and many Reiki masters and grand masters.
About Reiki  :

Reiki is an ancient system of spiritual healing therapy, where cosmic energy is used for healing diseases. Human beings (microcosmos) exist in the universe (macrocosmos). Both have been created by The Creator and co exist. The Universe is filled with divine energy (Rei) transverse through metaphysical aura and seven major chakras which reaches the physical body (Ki - the Life Force Energy) and is responsible for survival and health. 

With the knowledge of link between Universal Energy (Rei) & Life Force Energy (Ki), Reiki healer channelizes cosmic energy into seven major chakras eliminating the root cause of the diseases.

Cosmic energy channelized through the palm chakras of the healer reaches the root cause of the diseases and hence the recovery is total.


Reiki meditation forms strong foundation for enhancing intrinsic divine power of the mediator. A simplified form of Reiki meditation brings both cosmic energy from the universe and divine energy from the mother earth. The continuous flow of divine energy from Heaven and Earth through the body energizes every atom of the physical body and also meta physical aura. Enrichment  by self-meditation on our own charkas is mandatory  for a good Healer. The net result of meditation is co-ordination of mind and body which is responsible for purification of soul.

A Reiki Master while attuning a disciple with an object of a healer guides him / her through meditation before attunement. Reiki meditation thereafter becomes part and parcel of life and becomes the guiding force since it reaches the super conscious mind.

Thus a student becomes aware of the fact that his / her body possesses natural cleansing process and healing power.

At every stage of Reiki attunement different types of Reiki meditation is taught. Each one is aimed at making the healer more powerful. When he / she reach the master level the healing power is so intense that he / she becomes the source of creating healers.
Disease whether physical like  - trauma, asthma, cervical spondylosis, disc prolapse, back pain, migraine, gastritis, GERD, psychological (depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, stress), or psychosomatic diseases  (IBS, migraine, pain due to unknown etiology)  - are healed with mere universal energy (healing by touch)

Benefits of Reiki:
Removes the blockages of energy in Chakras.
Purifies the body, Aura & Chakras
Relaxes the body
Relaxes the mind
Releases stress
Detoxifies the negative energy in Aura, Chakras & Physical body
Heals the body & mind
Enhances the healing power of body
Pathway of Kundalini shakthi is energized resulting in enhancing immune system & vitality
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