Dr. P. S. Lalitha has worked in Madras Veterinary College as an Associate Professor of Anatomy for 34 years.

She was drawn to Reiki by His Grace.
Her Mission - After realizing the power of cosmic energy in nature and divine power in all human beings, she has taken the goal of promoting the symbol of healing which does not warrant any diagnostics nor any medicines.
From 1993, she has been practicing as a consultant in major hospitals in Chennai.
She has created 1000s of healers, masters and grand masters.
She has also organized several seminars and also with her associates conduct ‘World Reiki Day’ every year.

Dr. P. S. Lalitha

She has attended number of several National and International conferences on Holistic medicine in India and Abroad.
She is also promoting Reiki through publications and media. (Television)
Relentless effort of Dr. Mikao Usui to revive the ancient system of touch therapy, has made her vision stronger to promote this powerful touch therapy by creating THE REIKI CENTRE OF INDIA.
She had branded REIKI as the “Art of Healing

She had authored books titled “Vazhavaikumkalai-Reiki”, "Marunthilamaruthuvam" and a popular Tamil magazine “Anandhavikatan” had released the book titled as “Arokiyamungalkayil” (Marunthilamaruthuvam) that has a compilation of articles of Dr.P.S .Lalitha wherein she had shared the method of treatment through Reiki and sujok acupressure along with her experiences which highlighted the value of art of healing and other drugless therapies which would save many lives and shall raise them up in hope and peace with complete good health.

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