Dr. Mikao Usui is the founder of Reiki system of healing who revived an ancient system of healing by touch. According to him, "Rei"- Universal energy existing in Nature, created by the Creator exists in the human body as "Ki" (life force energy).

Dr.Mikao Usi who was the dean in Christian University in Kyoto was questioned by his students as to how healing takes place by simple touching or laying on by hands. So he began his search as how Jesus healed people with his hands.so he looked for answers in the US and then he was told to look for answers in Buddhist writings. So, Dr.Mikaousi started his investigation across china, Tibet and India and Japan then he studied the lotus sutra (the last sermon of Buddha). He found a formula of mystic symbols in Lotus sutra and also found that through the process of initiation, the symbols are empowered to tap the cosmic pool of energy (Reiki) which accelerates the healing power in living organisms. Usui had personally experienced the peak of consciousness, and in depth understanding and the dynamics of its working, when he undertook a fast for 21days and meditated. Thereafter he travelled extensively to spread the use of Reiki and initiate others into the path of Reiki, the cosmic pool of energy to heal others. Before his death, he gave his most devoted teacher Dr.Hayashi, the responsibility of carrying on. In 1935,it was taken to US by HawayaTakata, a young Japanese American Woman, from Hawaii who was cured of terminal cancer through Reiki and wanted to learn it herself.
He has simplified the entire system of healing to suit the modern age by creating healers and the Unique feature of learning is that a healer is created in one day and learns the technique of meditation on their own chakras for healing. The healer then recognizes the divine energy in ‘self’ and its capacity to heal by itself.

From Japan, Reiki, a simple spiritual healing therapy which does not warrant any diagnostic tests and medicines has reached the entire world.  Now all over the world, it is practised as an alternative medicine or integrated system of medicine.
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