Report on Holistic Health for all
Date: 3.4.19
Venue: Sastra University

Session started with on the theme holistic health .

  • Why holistic health  is needed?
  • How can we obtain holisitc health?
  • Reiki and acupressure had been addressed in the lecture
  • Functions of reiki, Acupressure points for general day to-day ailments were taught

 During the discussion session students asked the below questions;
1. How chakras can be kept in balance ?
2.Acupressure point  for pcod, irregular periods
3. Acupressure point for periods, occurrence of lower abdomen pain and sometimes striking sensation in chest.
4. On Emotion -  how to be positive though we try to be 60 /- were stucked by only negative thinking .How to deal with it.


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