Mr. V. Parameswaran
Ph : 044 - 43590504 / 05
Executive Editor
Dr. P.S. Lalitha
Mobile : 9840044198
Founder Secretary
Dr. P.S.Lalitha
Mobile : 9840044198

Dr.P.S.Lalitha, a renowned reiki grand master, specialist in drugless therapy, is basically a veterinary anatomist with more than three decades of teaching and research experience. She has published research papers in Anatomy, histopathology, immunology and application of anatomy in ancient science. By God's grace she was drawn into REIKI & ACUPUNCTURE.

As she saw the miraculous results in patients with mere divine energy she took it with a missionary zeal to propagate this ancient science. With a scientific background she combines ancient science, dealing with meta physical body with modern science which deals with physical body only.
Dr Lalitha is of the opinion that if every individual learns the existence of divine power within and keep the same pure, a disease free Nation can be created. With this goal she has created several healers and masters and also practices  what she preaches.

Dr. T. G. Prabhakar
Mobile : 9840518135

Prof. Dr. T. G. Prabhakar  M.V.Sc., Ph.D

Academician,  Researcher and Reiki Master.

Professional with 35 years of experience as a faculty in the  Dept. of Microbiology, Madras Veterinary College, Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University. Gold Medalist for outstanding performance in Doctoral degree programme.

Guided many post graduate and Ph. D scholars in their successful completion of Master’s and Doctoral degree programme with high laurels, awards and medals. Published many scientific articles in National and International journals.

Drugless Therapy – The total relief from the protracted suffering of his ‘sciatica’ through reiki, acupuncture and magneto therapy, by Dr. P.S.Lalitha, led him to get additionally qualified as a Reiki Master and Acupuncturist (Sukok).  Also qualified  in Acupressure, Crystal Therapy, Magneto Therapy, Distant Healing and Counseling for Psychological patients. He combines ancient healing therapy with modern science and successfully heals patients with psychosomatic problems.

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Mrs. K.S Saraswathi Kalyanasundaram
Ph : 24890895

Saraswathi Kalyanasundaram is a highly dynamic mother and grandmother with a keen interest in childhood teaching and learning. She is the Co -Director of Fooniferse Arts Pvt. Ltd. and is focused on building several creative education programs for children. She enjoys exploring and learning with children, while using arts, mimicry, storytelling and hands-on activity designs. Always curious to find out what she can learn next, Saraswathi believes in nurturing children to be self-learners, while ensuring that the learning process is fun, happy and exciting. She also documents workshops through photography and videography.

A Reiki Master, she practices, teaches and heals through Reiki. She is also a practitioner of Accupressure, Accupuncture, Magneto therapy and Crystal Healing. She is a yoga teacher in Ram Devji’s yoga maiyam.


L.G. Ramaswamy,
Mobile : 9884013721

L.G.Ramaswamy (Suresh)
Reiki Grandmaster.
Practises Reiki since 2002. Regularly heals people with various ailments and has been achieving total success in curing them. He often visits the Cancer Institute, Adyar, Chennai and offers free healing to the children. An active member of the Reiki centre of India and is the editor of the magazine, ‘Healing Hands’.

 Apart from Reiki, he practises Pranic Healing and Sujok Acupressure. A registered medical practitioner (Indian Institute of Alternative Medicines) and a reporter for the Health Science Journal, Kolkata. On the professional front,  he works at  Printshop Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.

Can be consulted at Dr.P.S.Lalitha Holistic Healing Center,
Door No. 66, (Old No. 41), Teachers Colony, Adyar, Chennai- 20
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Committee Members
Mrs.Amrutha Sundar
Mrs Vasantha Valli Ragavan
Enrolment of Members:

A. Qualification:
To become a member he or she should have obtained at least I degree level in Reiki from a Reiki master/grandmaster.
Life membership is Rs.1000/- payable in one lump sum (part payment not accepted).
B. Participation of Members:
Each member should take active participation in the free healing camps arranged periodically and promote honestly the Reiki system.
Members are requested to present noteworthy cases they come across, in seminars conducted periodically and advised to keep a record of such cases.
Members’ views and ideas for improving Reiki healing system should be brought to the notice of the founder secretary by attending general body meeting..
In free Reiki healing camps, practice of other systems is prohibited (though they are qualified in that system).
Reiki centre of India’s name should not be used for commercial purpose for canvassing for personal benefits.  Defaulter’s membership will be cancelled and no refund of money will be paid. No member or his/her dependant is entitled for any fund in case of illness or death

  • What do members get in return?
    They are getting ‘healing hands’ (quarterly news letters) free of cost; share their experience for healing hands. In addition, they are also allowed to open their own branches for practice.
Free healing is done in :
Educational Institutions
Rotary and Lions Clubs etc.
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